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Episode 196: Building an Anti-Perfectionist Toolkit

We bring up little tips and tricks for getting past perfectionism all the time in this podcast. Do you remember them when you need them? We don’t. This week Janine and Shannon discuss building an anti-perfectionist toolkit that you can turn to when you’re stuck in perfectionism.

Discussion topics include:

  • How the possible techniques we talk about on this podcast come in handy
  • The inevitability that our go-to anti-perfectionist tools will stop working
  • Embracing the idea that not everything is going to work forever
  • Knowing that it’s not a failure if something stops working for you
  • Janine’s enthusiasm for Shannon’s insomnia-busting technique of naming cities alphabetically
  • Her recognition that this will inevitably fail for her at some point
  • Tweaking a tool that stops working or trying a new one
  • Collecting your tools in one place so you have a handy toolkit when you need it
  • Cultivating the habit of looking at your toolkit when you’re not under stress
  • Adding to your toolkit regularly
  • Reviewing your list every time you add to it
  • Using a worry flowchart
  • How it’s totally normal not to remember things you hear (so write it down!)

Here’s a photo of Shannon’s anti-worry flow chart that we discussed in Episode 132: Quieting Your Mind.

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