Show Notes

Episode 193: Gentle Accountability


Holding someone (or yourself) accountability doesn’t mean holding their feet to the fire. Accountability can be really effective. This week Shannon and Janine discuss ways to stay on track without beating yourself up.

Discussion topics include:

  • Our love for the words gentle and kind
  • How accountability doesn’t have to be harsh or forceful
  • The effectiveness of a carrot over a stick
  • Fun accountability: To-Do List Bingo!
  • Janine’s powerful habit tracker in her Bullet Journal
  • How gentle accountability doesn’t prompt resistance
  • Wanting to do something rather than making yourself do something
  • How gentle accountability can be helpful in relationships
  • The language Shannon uses at home to ask for or provide gentle accountability
  • How neither Shannon nor Janine likes to be told what to do
  • Asking how you can be supportive versus nagging someone
  • Follow up question: How will I know if you don’t want to support?
  • Starting a conversation off with a request for the right kind of support
  • Making it easier for people to give you accountability
  • How the type of accountability that works for you might have to change periodically
  • The gentle accountability of Janine’s 30 x 30 genealogy challenges
  • The ways Janine and Shannon are holding themselves accountable with yoga


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