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Episode 19: Alexandra Franzen

This week, Shannon and Janine interview the amazing writer Alexandra Franzen, author of the upcoming novel So This Is the End: A Love Story. We’ve both had the opportunity to work with Alex and know her to be a talented, thinking individual, so we were thrilled when she accepted our invitation to be on the podcast.

Alexandra Franzen, author of the novel “So This Is the End: A Love Story” (release date October 15, 2018)

Alex offers all sorts of insights on things like perfectionism, good enough, confidence and the benefits of growing older (and she’s in her thirties). Her wit and wisdom enhance our ongoing discussion of perfectionism!

Discussion topics include:

  • How it can be easier to let go of perfectionism when you feel more confident in your abilities
  • How perfectionism made it hard for Alexandra to decide her novel was finished
  • The role of experience in allowing yourself to be good enough (more experience = less perfectionism)
  • Figuring out when something’s done
  • Setting personal criteria for what’s good enough (Spoiler alert: it’s empowering!)
  • Moving through life with a full cup (and watching it overflow)
  • Some of the enjoyable aspects of getting older
  • Alex’s parting question, “If you had 24 hours to live, what is just one thing that you’d absolutely want to do on that final day?”

Alex’s novel, So This Is the End: A Love Story, will be published in hardcover and Kindle editions on October 15 by Mango Press.





1 thought on “Episode 19: Alexandra Franzen”

  1. Good podcast! I especially enjoyed listening to the chatter about publishing as I am working on a novel.

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