Show Notes

Episode 178: Venturing Out

Venturing out of our comfort zones can be difficult in the best of times and COVID has made it even more challenging. In this episode, Janine and Shannon discuss weighing rewards and risks, as well as some of the joys of venturing out.

Discussion topics include:

  • Janine’s thrill over the fact she was able to buy a new Nissan Leaf!
  • How buying an electric car caused her to venture out of her comfort zone
  • The benefit of seeing venturing out as a fun challenge
  • How great it feels to drive an electric vehicle
  • Thinking about the resources you have available to you to make venturing out feel less risky
  • Two ways to venture out of your comfort zone: Just go for it or take baby steps
  • Venturing out to events in this post-pandemic world
  • Shannon’s visit to a pumpkin patch (complete with corn maze)
  • How COVID has made venturing out even more uncomfortable
  • Staying open to the possibility you’ll have a good time
  • Paying attention to the rewards rather than the risks of venturing out
  • How Janine turned down the opportunity to go the symphony recently while Shannon is doing the opposite: She’s off to New York to see multiple Broadway shows!
  • Letting go of trying to get everything perfect before you venture out

Here’s a photo of the beautiful sunset Shannon saw when she ventured out to the pumpkin patch!

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