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Episode 170: Give Yourself Credit

Who doesn’t like a nice pat on the back? It can be especially valuable when that credit comes from within. This week, Janine and Shannon talk about giving yourself credit and focusing on what you’ve accomplished rather than what you still have left to do.

Discussion topics include:

  • Deep cleaning a basement (or not)
  • The weird unwritten rule that can prevent us from appreciating our successes until our projects are complete
  • The value of looking back on your successes periodically
  • Setting up your task list so you give yourself credit for each thing you do
  • Giving yourself credit for moving away from perfectionism
  • How you deserve credit for learning new things even if you feel you should have already known those things
  • Shannon’s almost-complete decluttering project and how she’s paying attention to what she has yet to do rather than what she has accomplished
  • The unfortunate tendency to move the goal post, rather than giving yourself credit for progress.
  • Making a practice of noticing what you’ve achieved every time you notice a problem
  • Tracking your accomplishments
  • How we tend to focus on negative feedback and ignore the positive feedback
  • The feedback sandwich! (“It’s like a pat on the back wrapped around a wish.”)
  • Janine and Shannon’s commitment to trying a daily feedback sandwich in their own lives

Update on the feedback sandwich: Janine set up a Trello card with entry areas for all three parts of the feedback sandwich and remembered for a couple of days before it fell off her radar. But now she’s trying to do a feedback sandwich in the morning for the day before, rather than trying remember to do it at the end of the day.


Shannon’s blog post, Hungry for a change? Try a feedback sandwich

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