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Episode 165: The Power of Language

Words matter. This week Shannon and Janine discuss how shifting our language just a hair can shift our outcomes.

Discussion topics include:

  • Shannon survived the Portland heat wave!
  • The value of shifting your language
  • Changing “should” or “need to” to “choose to” can be very powerful
  • How “need to” puts you into flight or fight mode
  • The calming effect of “choose to”
  • How digging into why some tasks are important can help you choose to do them
  • Reframing your language to shift you into “good enough” mode
  • The power of the name you give a space
  • Experiencing the impact of subtle shifts of language
  • How changing language requires changing some habits
  • Janine’s hand-lettered “What do I choose to do?” note that you can download from the show notes
  • A living example: We changed our podcast tagline from “overcome” to “let go of” in early 2019
  • Cutting yourself some slack as you make things changes in your language
  • Thinking about the language you use in communicating with others
  • How a shift in language can make you more productive

Here’s the note Janine created for her bulletin board, as promised. You’re welcome to right- or control-click on the image and download it for yourself!


Episode 34: Letting Go (About 13 minutes, we make realization we should change our tagline.)

1 thought on “Episode 165: The Power of Language”

  1. The opposite may hold true as well: if you can’t honestly say that you chose to do something maybe it is something that you should be choosing not to do. If you are a minimalist trying to clear away anything that does not add to your life this may give you some clues.

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