Show Notes

Episode 145: Making Imperfect Commitments

Commitments don’t have to be all-or-nothing propositions. In fact, if you allow yourself to make imperfect commitments, it can be easier to commit yourself. This week, Shannon and Janine discuss the power of imperfect commitments (like our commitment to this podcast).

Discussion topics include:

  • How committing to something can be easier if you allow yourself to make an imperfect commitment
  • A study that says that people who believe in soulmates struggle more in their relationships
  • Imperfect commitments are about creating space to be imperfect, experiment and take risks
  • The paradox of how accepting that something is going to be imperfect can give you more satisfaction
  • A flashback to Shannon’s marathoning days and the difference between training to see if she could do it versus training to meet her Boston marathon qualifying time (Hint: the first one was more fun!)
  • How making an imperfect commitment makes knitting a lot more fun for Janine
  • Imperfect commitment + yoga = an enjoyable, beneficial practice
  • Exploring the least you can do that still counts
  • If you make what you have to do to meet your commit ridiculously easy, then you can trust yourself more and feel comfortable making more of these small commitments.
  • The tendency to feel like volunteer commitments are all or nothing when making a small imperfect commitment may allow you to actually do more
  • Surprise! Shannon jinxed us and this episode isn’t Episode 144



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