Show Notes

Episode 141: Daily Ease

We all need a little ease, right? (In fact, “ease” is Janine’s word of the year for 2021!) This week, Shannon and Janine discuss how daily effort makes creating ease all the easier.

Discussion topics include:

  • Janine’s revelation during her daily yoga practice about how doing it daily has made it so much easier
  • How daily action makes so many things easier, like keeping your desk clear
  • How Janine’s financial life has been made infinitely better through daily interaction with You Need a Budget (YNAB)
  • The miracle of Janine being caught up in Quickbooks for her business, thanks to her linking doing data entry in Quickbooks with YNAB
  • How perfectionism can get in the way of creating a daily practice (and how rewarding it is to work through the perfectionism)
  • Another daily practice that’s making Janine’s life easier: The 100-day dress challenge (she’s on Day 63 of wearing the same dress every day)
  • The physical benefits that Shannon has experienced from 30 straight days of yoga + the benefits of having a yoga buddy at home
  • Janine’s concern about being overwhelmed by her many daily tasks
  • How Shannon has been able to learn Portuguese just by doing Duolingo three minutes a day
  • Some advice on dealing with an email backlog on a daily basis
  • A simple shift that has allowed Janine to drink more water and take her supplements every morning without fail


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