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Episode 14: Evening Routines

Evening routines set you up for success the next day. Shannon has a well-practiced evening routine she thinks of as “putting the house to bed.” In this episode, Shannon and Janine discuss the value of evening routines and how they can make your life easier.

Discussion topics include:

  • Shannon’s ease-filled evening routine
  • How putting her house to bed gives Shannon peace of mind
  • Janine’s end-of-the-workday routine
  • How evening routines can make your mornings easier
  • Ideas for things you can do in the evening to make your mornings less hectic
  • Thinking of evening routines as doing a favor for your future self


1 thought on “Episode 14: Evening Routines”

  1. So I actually have a couple of routines for the end of the day…

    Here’s my After-Work Routine:

    – Walk BearCub
    – Exercise for 30 minutes to re-energize self
    – Shower
    – Check blood sugar
    – Cook
    – Eat dinner
    – Load dishwasher
    – Wash dishes
    – Tidy kitchen
    – Take out all trash
    – Brush teeth
    – Floss
    – Use mouthwash
    – Process mail
    – Pay any bills
    – Watch the news (not counted as TV time)
    – Declutter for 12 minutes 3 x per evening
    – Track my spending in spreadsheet
    – Journal
    – Study for online course(s)

    – Me Time! Enjoy my evening by choosing 1-2 items from below:
    – Call/visit a friend or go out
    – Be creative; do a hobby
    – Watch TV for no more than two hours
    – Scan 10 photos if watching TV or surfing
    – Research my family history/genealogy
    – Update my RootsMagic and
    – Write blog post
    – Use computer for personal surfing
    – Listen to a podcast
    – Go to a Meet-Up
    – Choose a reward activity from the jar

    And here’s my Bedtime Routine:

    – Write up To-Do list for tomorrow
    – Track Rally app missions
    – Clear both of my desks
    – Run dishwasher if needed
    – Unplug from all digital devices
    – Turn off TV at least one hour before sleeping
    – Listen to classical music while reading
    – Read non-fiction for one-half hour
    – Read fiction for one-half hour
    – Brush teeth
    – Floss
    – Mouthwash
    – Tidy bathroom
    – Check blood sugar
    – Walk BearCub
    – Give BearCub a treat
    – TAKE MEDS—Take (undisclosed)
    – TAKE MEDS—Take (undisclosed)
    – TAKE MEDS—Take (undisclosed)
    – Pee
    – Undress
    – Go to bed at reasonable hour
    – Sleep for at least seven hours

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