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Episode 128: What Is Good Enough? (Redux)

This week, we’re re-running Episode 7, from way back in July 2018. It presents a core message of our podcast that we thought was worth another listen. Enjoy!

It’s hard to know how to stop at good enough if you haven’t identified what good enough means to you. Shannon and Janine discuss why it’s important to understand your own standards of good enough–and how those standards are very personal.

Discussion topics include:

  • How standards can vary depending on the importance of what you’re working on
  • How living with teenagers has caused Shannon to embrace a different standard of good enough in terms of housekeeping (spoiler alert: the word “botulism” is part of her standard)
  • The challenge of living with people whose standards of clutter are different than yours
  • Shannon’s technique for avoiding over-researching purchases
  • How Janine straddles the divide between the future and the ancient ways

Comment from Janine: I looked for black gunk on my stove and decided that it might be invisible since my entire stovetop is black.


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