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Episode 114: Productivity Blocks

For many of us, the pandemic has made a tendency to procrastinate painfully obvious. We’re not as busy, yet we’re still procrastinating. But there’s hope! This week Janine and Shannon talk about the four main productivity blocks and how they can be easy to get past.

Discussion topics include:

  • The summer heat!
  • How these days we can’t blame being busy for not getting stuff done
  • The four productivity blocks that Shannon coaches people on: confidence, reward, focus and enjoyment
  • How people tend to fall into one of those categories
  • Curious what yours is? Check out the quiz on Shannon’s website to find out
  • The workbook and follow-up emails available to the quiz-takers
  • The project that Janine is procrastinating on (writing a genealogy guide) and how she plans to test out Shannon’s tips
  • Janine’s hope that by the time this episode is published she will have finished the guide
  • A surprise live coaching session to help Janine get past her enjoyment productivity block
  • Some ideas for making the process of writing her guides more enjoyable
  • Shannon’s sincere offer for people to email her with feedback on getting past their productivity blocks (take her quiz first!)
  • How checking something off your list can be such a huge reward that is very helpful for those whose productivity block is reward
  • The value of a timer for folks whose productivity block is focus
  • Remembering that there’s not something inherently wrong with you if you’re procrastinating; we’re naturally drawn to do the things that feel most doable

Update from Janine: We ended up publishing this a week earlier than expected and I am not finished with the Orderly Roots guide I’m working on. But the good news is that I’m making daily progress!


1 thought on “Episode 114: Productivity Blocks”

  1. I took the quiz and found out that Focus is my productivity block. That seems about right. I get distracted very easily. I usually have a lot of irons in the fire and want to make headway on all of them. I have found that my new OXO Good Grips Triple Timer (link below) really helps me to stay on task. I use the Pomodoro method, which I think I learned about for the first time on one of your episodes. I set the first alarm for 25 minutes, the second one for 55 minutes, and the third one for 1 hour and 25 minutes. When the alarm goes off, I stop whatever I am doing and take a 5-minute break and do something enjoyable, like petting my puppy. It really has helped me to stay on task.

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