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Episode 108: Ready to Vote?

Voting is always important. But this year, at least in the U.S., being able to vote feels more important than ever. And because of the COVID crisis, voting might present a challenge this year. In this episode, Janine and Shannon discuss the value of planning ahead to vote and getting past any perfectionistic tendencies that might be getting in the way of that.

Discussion topics include:

  • Our two-year podcasting anniversary!
  • Our gratitude that we can address some more serious issues on the podcast
  • The importance of voting right now
  • Making yourself aware of what your voting options and requirements are this year so you’re not taken by surprise
  • How easy it is to put something off when you’re not sure you’re going to do it right
  • Oregon’s history of voting exclusively by mail for 20 years
  • How we can spend more time dreading something than actually doing it
  • An NLP coaching technique Shannon uses: Shrinking down a dreaded task in your imagination to make it easier to do
  • How Shannon completed her mom’s taxes in 90 minutes after dreading doing them for six months
  • Our plea to take action: Voting is too important to put off!



3 thoughts on “Episode 108: Ready to Vote?”

  1. What an appropriate day for me to listen to this episode. Today I got a Facebook message that I had one month left to arrange for mail-in voting here in Missouri. I have to decide if I want to vote in person or do it by mail. I need to discuss with other people, do some research, contact the League of Women Voters (thanks, Elizabeth Handler!) and check out the resources that you have provided. Thanks for doing so much legwork!

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