Show Notes

Episode 113: Good Enough on Zoom

Whether we like it or not, Zoom has become a part of the lives of many (if not most) of us, thanks to COVID-19. In this episode, Shannon and Janine letting go of perfectionism around Zoom to make it less stressful.

Discussion topics include:

  • The challenging transition from phone coaching to Zoom coaching for Shannon
  • Shannon’s iPad + computer set up that allows her to take notes on her laptop while providing a flattering camera angle
  • Blue-light filtering glasses to help lessen the negative effects of screen time
  • The benefit of Zooming from an iPad rather than a computer
  • Letting go of stress around your background when Zooming
  • The photo-booth strip of Janine and Shannon that keen-eyed people who Zoom with Janine can see
  • Adjusting what you’re paying attention to based on your audience
  • Zoom goofs seen on the internet

Here’s Shannon’s Zoom set up:

And here’s the photo-booth filmstrip that Shannon and Janine took back in 2013. It’s claimed a prized spot on Janine’s bulletin board.


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