Episode 22: Creating Helpful Habits

When it comes to living an easy life, helpful habits are everything. In this episode Shannon and Janine discuss why good habits are important and how to create them.

Discussion topics include:

  • How automating the mundane tasks frees your brain for more important things
  • The challenge of creating and maintaining new habits
  • Janine’s misguided compulsion to start creating new habits on the first day of the month
  • The unwritten rules and beliefs we all have about habits
  • How a good enough mindset can help in creating new habits (hint: take teeny tiny steps!)
  • Some strategies for remembering new habits
  • The power of chaining habits together into a routine
  • Shannon’s gentle method for creating new habits
  • Sticker charts — they’re not just for kids!

Tune in next week for our episode on overcoming bad habits!




Episode 21: Know Your Why

The bedrock of all the advice we offer on this podcast is, “Know what’s important to you.” In this episode, Janine and Shannon discuss how to get in touch with your values so that you can more easily embrace good enough.

Discussion topics include:

  • The importance of knowing your core values
  • Evaluating what’s important to you
  • The secret sauce of the process: Repeating the question “What else?”
  • Using your core values to help you decide what good enough means to you
  • Trying a Word of the Year exercise
  • How getting clear on your why makes everything easier
  • Getting in touch with your body’s “yes” and “no” signals
  • Shannon’s “Boring Change” technique for making ridiculously easy changes


Episode 20: {GEIP} Genealogy

Shannon and Janine are among the millions of people who enjoy doing genealogy research. In fact, as a genealogy blogger, Janine devotes a significant amount of time to it. In this, our second Good Enough In Practice episode, we discuss Shannon’s challenges with her genealogy research (which involve an enviable literal treasure trove of original documents given to her by her mother) and discuss some strategies to help her get past the perfectionism that’s stopping her from proceeding with her research.

Discussion topics include:

  • How a lot of people get hung up on perfectionism in genealogy
  • How genealogical standards can feel intimidating
  • How the discovery of Shannon’s treasure trove was both wonderful and stress-inducing
  • The responsibility Shannon feels to the rest of her family to care for these documents correctly and share them
  • The importance of knowing why genealogy research (and anything else) is important to you
  • Some practical advice for dealing with these precious documents (keyword: checklist)
  • Creating a “good enough” standard to make source citations easier
  • Getting past the overwhelm of genealogy research
  • Janine’s “good enough” research log

Bonus! We get an update on Shannon’s morning routine at the end of the episode. She shares how her good enough attitude and the minimum standards she has set have helped her establish and stick with a great morning routine.

Comment from Shannon: Right after we recorded this episode, I purchased archival document boxes and folders and started sorting my documents into them. It was a perfect rainy day Sunday activity and I no longer feel overwhelmed!

Here’s a photo of her set up: