Episode 32: Self Care

Now that the holidays are over, it’s a good idea to focus on taking care of yourself. This week Janine and Shannon discuss the importance of self care and what that means for them.

Discussion topics include:

  • The fact that self care means something different to everyone
  • Shannon and Janine’s favorite self-care activities
  • The joy of floating in a flotation tank
  • The importance of creating time for self care (whatever that means to you)
  • Shannon’s idea for making exercise feel like self care when it usually doesn’t
  • Taking away the barriers to taking care of yourself
  • Making sure that your treats (like shopping) are actually good self care
  • Quiet reading or nice walks as self care (Shannon)
  • Crafting with friends as self care (Janine)
  • How Janine and her brother practiced self care by gorging on pot stickers in Walla Walla
  • Belly laughs as self care


And finally, as promised, here’s a picture of Janine, her father Gene, and our waiter, Steve, at Shiki Hibachi Sushi on Main Street in Walla Walla, Washington. You can see the dish of potstickers (pork gyoza) in front of Steve. Delicious!


Episode 31: Done Is Better Than Perfect (Redux)

We’re taking the holiday week off! Instead of a new episode, we’re presenting our very first episode, Done Is Better Than Perfect. Enjoy!

Our first episode! Shannon and Janine talk about a basic tenet of embracing good enough: the idea that done is better than perfect.

We talk about how getting started and finishing something–even if the result is less than perfect–is so much better than waiting for perfect to come along.

Included in the conversation:

  • How perfectionism can keep you from getting started on a project.
  • How being willing to make mistakes makes getting to good enough possible.
  • Strategies for letting go of perfectionism and easing into good enough.

Episode 30: {GEIP} Good Enough Goal Setting


It’s the end of the year and time to talk about goals and resolutions! In this Good Enough in Practice episode, Janine and Shannon talk about setting realistic, good enough goals. Way back in 2009, we created a teleclass and workbook about resolutions and we’re revisiting it in this episode. (The messages of the teleclass will feel very familiar. They’ve stood the test of time!)

Discussion topics include:

  • The details of Janine’s personal retreat day where she sets her goals for the coming year
  • The perils of setting unrealistic goals and the alternative of good enough goals
  • Flashback to a teleclass called “Why Resolutions Don’t Work and How to Get What You Want Anyway” that Shannon and Janine created in 2009. It’s like a prequel to this podcast.
  • The one element the teleclass has that this podcast lacks: Hypnosis!
  • The three main problems that stop people from achieving their goals and how you can get past them to get what you want
  • Janine’s word for next year and how she plans to remind herself about it
  • The hashtag we created: #goodenoughgoals

Exciting news! “Why Resolutions Don’t Work and How to Get What You Want Anyway” has not been available for years, but now that we’ve discovered how relevant it still is, we’re taking it out, dusting it off and renaming it! It’s now called “Good Enough Goal Setting.” We’ve updated the 25-page workbook for 2018 and are making it available to you for $15. When you buy the workbook, you’ll automatically get a download of the 2010 teleclass, complete with guided hypnosis exercises led by Shannon, who is a certified hypnotherapist. These exercises will aid you in setting–and achieving–your goals this year. Just click on the View Product of Add to Cart button to purchase via PayPal.


P.S. After you purchase, you’ll get an email from Peace of Mind Organizing and see Peace of Mind Organizing on the download page. That’s because we used Janine’s e-commerce account to set this up.