Show Notes

Episode 99: Playing the Long Game

Getting caught up in perfectionism can be short-sighted. This week, Shannon and Janine discuss the value of tolerating the discomfort of imperfection in order to stick with something and get better at it or enjoy it more.

Discussion topics include:

  • How things are both easier and harder these days with the stay-at-home life
  • That Shannon’s trip to Portugal has by necessity been postponed
  • How Shannon is going about rescheduling that trip
  • The hidden benefits of her having to postpone the trip
  • Shannon’s graphic pandemic journal
  • The value of keeping a journal for yourself and those who follow
  • The massive change in Shannon’s ability to get past perfectionism in starting a hobby
  • The value of the public accountability Shannon had with her cartooning class
  • Getting back to why something is important to you
  • How the long game applies to this time of the coronavirus
  • Figuring out how you want to spend time after this crisis is over
  • Being gentle with yourself during this time
  • Our upcoming 100th episode (we want to hear from you!)


One of Shannon’s recent cartoons, inspired by Episode 98: Stop with the Shoulds:

For reference, the drawing she shared on the very first day of her cartooning class:


You can see her whole journey on her Instagram.

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