Show Notes

Episode 96: Adjusting to the New Normal

Most of us are staying home to stay healthy and stop the spread of the novel coronavirus. In this episode–recorded just three days prior to posting–Janine and Shannon discuss some of the challenges we’re facing working from home in these strange times, despite the fact we’ve been working from home for years. Most of the changes are going on inside our heads!

Discussion topics include:

  • How quickly everything is changing these days as the novel coronavirus spreads
  • Adjusting to the changes made by the need to stay home
  • How even though Shannon’s work life hasn’t really changed, everything feels different
  • Cutting yourself (and others) infinite slack
  • Janine’s discomfort at time pressure being eliminated from her day (since she’s no longer seeing clients)
  • Janine’s first weekend in 25 years where she didn’t have to feel guilty about not working
  • Holding yourself to a standard of accomplishing things at home without getting caught up in perfectionism
  • To-Do List Bingo: Our secret weapon for creating some structure without creating too much structure
  • Our different approaches to bingo this time around
  • The value of staying busy and having fun tasks lists
  • Trying to avoid negativity
  • That it’s completely normal to feel a range of emotions every day


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