Show Notes

Episode 95: Letting Go of Stuff

After talking last week about using what you have, Shannon and Janine turn this week to letting go of stuff as an alternative to using it up.  We talk about letting go of perfectionism around donations, figuring out an easy way to keep a closet clear and other aspects of letting go. We even innovate a new monthly activity during the episode!

Discussion topics include:

  • Some terminology for letting stuff go (for example, “release it” and “pass it along”)
  • The value of figuring out language that makes it easy for you to let stuff go
  • How indecision can lead to clutter
  • Avoiding perfectionism when donating items
  • Trusting that your donated item will find a good home
  • Letting go of stuff while others can still use them
  • The up and down cycle of clearing a space and then filling it up again
  • Some strategies for keeping a clear clothes closet
  • Introducing Closet Curation Sunday (on the last Sunday of the month)
  • The three things Janine hears from clients about why they don’t want to let stuff go (and her responses)
  • The importance of knowing why it’s important to you to let something go
  • The question Shannon’s asking herself in dealing with her email inbox: “Is keeping this worth having to deal with it in the future?”


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