Show Notes

Episode 47: {GEIP} The Little Things

There are lots of little ways we can practice being good enough, rather than perfect. In this episode, Shannon and Janine pick two areas little areas for putting good enough into practice: recycling and making phone calls.

Discussion topics include:

  • Getting to Good Enough’s big milestone: 50,000 downloads!
  • Janine’s recent encounter with a GTGE fan
  • A good enough approach to recycling: Err on the side of putting stuff in the landfill
  • How recycling isn’t an all-or-nothing proposition
  • Shannon’s solution to the non-recyclability of paper coffee cups: Her leakproof travel mug (see link below)
  • DE-cal versus Dih-KAL
  • Some of the recycling guidelines that Janine recently learned
  • Letting go of perfectionism around making phone calls
  • The burden of unmade phone calls hanging over your head versus the relief of just making the call

Here’s a photo of Janine with GTGE fan Jocelyn Kenner of See Your Way Clear, taken at the NAPO conference.


And here’s a screenshot of the Bitmoji-laden text thread Shannon and I shared to celebrate 50,000 downloads. (Shannon used the app Tailor to stitch together the screen shots.)


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