Show Notes

Episode 41: Can It Be Too Easy?

Janine lives by the words “Let it be easy.” But can something be too easy? Shannon and Janine discuss that possibility and how it relates to various aspects of life, including genealogy research.

Discussion topics include:

  • Is it possible for something to be too easy?
  • How technology has made it possible for genealogy research to be too easy
  • How rigor can contribute to reliable genealogy research
  • A clue that something maybe too easy: it’s not contributing to a strong foundation
  • How accepting genealogy facts without analysis can lead to big problems
  • How adding challenge to something makes it more attractive to Shannon
  • The effect of Shannon’s concussions on what feels easy (or difficult) to her
  • The challenge of finding things that are both doable and a challenge
  • Finding the sweet spot where it feels doable, but still counts
  • How even though it’s possible for something to be too easy, Janine stands by her “let it be easy” motto

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