Show Notes

Episode 25: Q&A 2 – Ease, Unease and Circling Back

In this second “Q&A on the 5s” episode, Janine and Shannon answer some phoned-in questions from listeners.

Discussion topics include:

  • How sometimes ease doesn’t come easily
  • The perennial problem of perfectionism: It can feel uncomfortable to stop at less than 100 percent
  • The discomfort of striving and failing to achieve perfection vs the discomfort of letting things not be perfect
  • How Janine let go of a perfectionistic temptation to rewrite her client’s spice labels
  • Practicing good enough on less consequential projects
  • Revisiting tasks to make good enough better
  • How Shannon gives herself permission to come back to a task, deeming it “good enough for now” which allows her to stop.
  • The freedom of good enough


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