Show Notes

Episode 217: Good Enough Gardening

Shannon is an avid gardener (Janine actively avoids it) and this year her gardening efforts got a very late start. In this episode Shannon and Janine discuss embracing good enough in the garden and acknowledge that an imperfect garden is better than no garden at all.

Discussion topics include:

  • Janine’s aversion to getting her hands dirty
  • Shannon’s gardening-glove strategy
  • How Shannon finds herself getting caught up in perfectionism in gardening
  • Seeing the problems instead of enjoying the successes in the garden
  • How there’s always room for improvement with a garden
  • Shannon’s late start on her garden this year and its ramifications
  • How Shannon let go of perfectionism and bought the (imperfect) plant starts that were available
  • Janine’s good-enough rain garden that requires very little tending
  • Shannon’s rain garden
  • Shannon’s good-enough zinnia garden
  • Embracing good enough gardening next year

Here’s a photo of Janine’s front yard garden:

And here’s Shannon’s zinnia garden that grew from her bedraggled starts and scattered seeds:

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