Show Notes

Episode 209: Meal Planning

What’s for dinner? Wouldn’t you like to have a ready answer for that question? Shannon is living the meal planning dream and in this episode she and Janine talk about the benefits of meal planning and how Shannon goes about doing it. Be ready to be inspired!

Discussion topics include:

  • Janine’s challenges with meal planning (which revolve around the fact she doesn’t cook)
  • Shannon’s helpful husband, Mike
  • How Shannon’s meal planning makes her week better
  • Planning shopping as well as meals
  • Shannon’s jumping off point: What she already has in the freezer
  • How Shannon’s basement freezer is organized (an inventory is involved!)
  • AnyList, the app Shannon uses to inventory her freezer and pantry
  • Shannon’s favorite tools for pre-portioned food in her freezer: vacuum sealer machine + Souper Cubes
  • Trello, Shannon’s secret weapon for meal planning
  • The value of meal kits for bringing new recipes into our lives
  • What’s for dinner at Shannon’s house: Burst Cherry Tomato Pasta
  • How meal planning is a great form of self care

Here’s a screenshot of Shannon’s meal planning Trello board.



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