Show Notes

Episode 18: Prioritizing

Setting priorities makes sure that we get important things done and don’t spend our time putting out fires or doing things that don’t contribute to our goals. In this episode, Shannon and Janine talk about various methods for prioritizing and how, once again, it all boils down to knowing what’s important to you.

Discussion topics include:

  • Various matrixes to help you prioritize
  • Making time for the important, not just the urgent (hint: it’s worthwhile to prioritize setting up systems that will eventually save you time)
  • Eating the frog
  • The birthday present Shannon gives to herself every March
  • A daily routine that helps you maintain your priorities but still go with the flow
  • Shannon’s progress toward creating a great morning routine that involves picking her top priority for the day
  • How knowing what’s important to you helps you do everything more easily
  • Prioritizing and budgeting (time and money)

Here are Janine’s quick sketches of the matrixes we talked about:

Want to/have to matrix

Urgent/important (Eisenhower) matrix




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