Show Notes

Episode 120: Sneaky Perfectionism

Sometimes perfectionism can hide from view so we don’t even realize it’s happening. In this episode, Janine and Shannon discuss that sneaky perfectionism, how it can show up and how “good enough” can be helpful.

Discussion topics include:


  • Shannon’s flying her “recovering perfectionist” flag high in this episode!
  • She discovered in a coaching session that perfectionism was lurking sneakily behind a reluctance to do something
  • How something can feel perfect in your head before you start taking action but becomes imperfect when you start taking action, which can stop you from taking action
  • The clue that perfectionism is at play: thinking you should (or even could) do something in a particular way
  • How should can come up around the finished product, not necessarily around how to go about doing something
  • The value of realizing that what you are already doing is good enough.
  • The provocative question Shannon asked on Facebook: “If you knew you were going to be successful, what would you try?”
  • How Janine’s lack of perfectionism helps her pursue the things that she’s interested in
  • The idea that came to Janine during the recording to help deaf people in Missouri vote
  • The impact of combining your whys
  • “All right is the new awesome!”



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