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Episode 44: Permission to Fail

Giving yourself permission to fail can make it easier for you to succeed. This week Janine and Shannon take a deep dive into this liberating concept, one that was pretty foreign to happy-go-lucky Janine. Discussion topics include: Janine’s “good enough” perspective on failure Whether failure is within your control How, for perfectionists, failure can feel… Continue reading Episode 44: Permission to Fail

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Episode 43: Money

Money. It's not a topic many people feel comfortable talking--or even thinking--about. It can be particularly hard for perfectionists to address issues with money. In this episode Shannon and Janine talk about some strategies for getting past perfectionistic barriers to having a good relationship with money. Discussion topics include: How money can be fraught with… Continue reading Episode 43: Money

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Episode 42: Gratitude

There's so much to be grateful for. And expressing that gratitude not only helps you, it helps others. This week, Janine and Shannon talk about the importance of gratitude and ways to express it. Discussion topics include: The gratitude that Shannon and Janine feel for you, our podcast listeners The value of keeping (and reviewing)… Continue reading Episode 42: Gratitude