Episode 17: Asking for help

Asking for help can be so, well, helpful. Yet many people (Janine and Shannon included) have difficulty asking for help. In this episode we explore how life can be better when you seek help. This episode includes a special (surprise!) guest appearance by Mike, Shannon’s husband, who is an asking-for-help ninja. He shares some of his insights on the whys and hows of seeking help.

Discussion topics include:

  • How perfectionism can get in the way of asking for help
  • The ins and outs of asking for directions
  • Shannon and Janine’s adventure in asking for help when they had car difficulties in Utah
  • Why it’s a good practice to ask for help even when it’s difficult
  • Mike’s strategy for asking for help (hint: it’s always a conversation, not just a question)
  • How just by asking Mike finds out that he needs help with things he doesn’t even know about
  • Mike’s view that he doesn’t just ask for help, he gets clarification of the problem
  • A couple of approaches that might make it a little easier to ask for help
  • Shannon and Janine’s promised experiment with asking for help


Janine’s post on accepting help (which to her is quite different from asking strangers for help)

Comment from Janine: At the end of this episode, Shannon and I vowed to ask for help more. Shannon said she would seek out people in stores and ask for help. I just promised to say yes and ask a question when approached by an employee in a store. The result of that experiment? Well, neither of us has spent much times in stores in the couple of weeks since we recorded the episode, but I sought out help at The Container Store with a storage challenge for a client and was richly rewarded with some great advice I hadn’t thought of. Shannon solicited advice from her chiropractor in selecting shoes. But she didn’t stop there. When approached by a brand representative of the shoe company, she actually peppered him with questions, told him what she was looking for and asked for his advice (rather than just wishing he’d go away). She told me, “I learned so much! I’m really glad I did it.”

Episode 16: Decision making

We make thousands of decisions a day. Some are easy. Some are hard. And some are harder than they need to be. In this episode, Shannon and Janine talk about making decisions a little easier.

Discussion topics include:

  • The difficult decisions brought on by modern television viewing
  • How having many options makes it more difficult to make decisions
  • Using your limited to decision-making capacity for important decisions
  • How perfectionism hampered Shannon’s car-buying ability
  • Shannon’s closet-clearing strategy (Janine thinks it’s brilliant)
  • The coin-flipping method of decision making (it’s fun and sneaky)
  • Strategies for restaurant-related decisions
  • The secret decision-making formula: know what’s most important to you about a decision and use those parameters to narrow the options and make a choice.




Episode 15: Q&A 1 – Prioritizing, Planning & Empowering


It’s your turn! In this episode Janine and Shannon answer questions from listeners.

Discussion topics include:

  • Becoming empowered by the people who teach you
  • Finding someone to work with who supports you and helps you feel good about your efforts
  • Doing the best you can (without being perfect) so that you can be a model for someone else
  • Staying on top of all the areas of your life
  • Janine and Shannon’s favorite paper planner for busy people (spoiler alert: it’s Planner Pad)
  • Shannon’s Bullet Journal (and why she likes handwriting her planner)
  • A holistic approach to keeping track of stuff in your life
  • Questions to ask yourself to help you decide what to work on
  • Setting an achievable goal and a stretch goal
  • Feeling vs thinking about your projects


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Note: The first caller, Geralin, was referring to Episode 8: You Be You when she mentioned what sparked her comment.