Taking a short hiatus

Hey, listeners! We usually publish a new episode every Thursday, but we're taking a little break while Shannon walks the Camino de Santiago in Portugal and Janine regroups after losing her father on August 20. We'll see you back here on October 13!

Show Notes

Episode 219: Preparing Imperfectly

  It can be really helpful to let go of perfectionism when preparing for big things. Shannon is embracing imperfection in her preparations for her much-anticipated trip to Portugal. This episode Shannon and Janine discuss preparing imperfectly as a way to free yourself from stress. Discussion topics include: Shannon's (imperfect) preparation for her month-long trip… Continue reading Episode 219: Preparing Imperfectly

Show Notes

Episode 218: Authenticity (Redux)

Being authentic can be hard, especially if you want to project a perfect image. Back in October 2020, we talked all about authenticity and we wanted to share again. Enjoy! Shannon and Janine both embrace being authentic. But we understand that if you have a tendency toward perfectionism that it can be hard not to… Continue reading Episode 218: Authenticity (Redux)